I'm R.I.C.H. - Part 4 (Holding on to God's Love)

love rich Feb 28, 2024

Love is a central theme in the Christian faith. The Bible repeatedly underscores God's immense love for us and challenges us to love others in turn. But how do we make this love a defining aspect of our lives, shaping everything we do? Let's dive into practical ways to hold on to God's love and embody it in our daily actions.

A Lifestyle of Love

What does it truly mean to live a lifestyle of love? The Bible gives us clear guidance on how to live a life filled with love:

  • Do everything in love. (1 Corinthians 16:14) Be intentional about letting love guide your every word and action.
  • Be a light that shines brightly. (Matthew 5:14-16) Let your good deeds point people to Jesus and his love. Our love for others should draw them closer to God.

Understanding God's Love

To truly embrace this lifestyle, we need a deep understanding of God's love for us:

  • It's unconditional and unwavering. God loves us no matter what we've done.
  • It's sacrificial and transformative. Jesus's death and resurrection are the ultimate expressions of God's love.
  • It's meant to be shared. We are called to be vessels of God's love, extending it to everyone around us.

Practical Ways to Live a Lifestyle of Love

  1. Serve Others: Ask yourself daily, "How can I add value to someone's life?" Serving others is a tangible expression of God's love in action.

  2. Practice Forgiveness: The Bible urges us to make allowances for each other's faults and extend forgiveness readily (Colossians 3:13, Matthew 18:21-22). Forgiveness frees us from bitterness and allows us to reflect God's grace.

  3. Share the Good News: You don't have to be a Bible scholar to share the life-changing message of Jesus Christ. Tell your story of how God's love has transformed you, planting seeds of faith in the hearts of others.

Living a lifestyle of love is a transformative choice, leading to spiritual growth, fulfilling relationships, and a life that glorifies God. Embrace God's love, implement it in your daily life, and commit to sharing it with others. As you do, you'll discover deeper fulfillment and become a powerful witness to God's love in the world.

Remember, God loves you!


Today on the podcast we are finishing our series all about being R.I.C.H. because of God's love. Throughout this journey, we've explored the depths of God's love, from receiving it to implementing it in our lives. Today, we're diving into the final leg of this journey: holding on to God's love as a lifestyle. As you listen to today's episode, let's explore what it means to truly embrace God's love and make it a foundational part of our daily lives.

Key Highlights of this episode:

— Scripture reminds us to do everything with love

— Holding onto God's love guides our lives

— We're urged to be shining examples of good deeds

— Leading with love reflects God's light

— Serving others adds value to their lives

— Ask daily how to show love and serve

— Forgiveness is crucial for a loving lifestyle

— Let go of grudges and forgive faults

— Sharing God's love is essential

— Your testimony can inspire other

— Forgiveness is a choice made by faith.

— Embrace forgiveness to experience God's love

— Extend grace and patience to others

— Forgiveness is a continual choice

— Share your story to spread God's love

— Commit to living in God's love completely

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