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brand story media story Mar 21, 2023

As a digital media coach, one thing I help my clients with is content creation. Part of the process is unpacking their story. Why? Because stories are a powerful piece to the puzzle of content creation. As you embrace your story, you realize that you ARE your content. Creating content is not always about sharing what you read in a book or learned from a class. Creating content is about you being open to sharing your experiences and what you have learned. Your journey is your best content. 

There was a point in time where I was on the fence about sharing my story. What would people say? How would they judge me? I had to get to the point where my efforts to help people outweighed what others may think or say. I realized that there were so many benefits of sharing your story inside of your content. 

When you share your story, you capture your audience's attention and it makes your content easy to engage with. There is a connect that happens between you and your audience when they see a part of their story inside of your story. This for sure creates an emotional connection.

Sharing your story also makes your content more memorable. In my experience, people tend to remember stories better than facts or stats. When you incorporate your story into your content, it makes your content that much more sharable. People enjoy sharing the stories of others. 

When talking about sharing your story, I need to mention the establishing credibility and authority piece. By demonstrating how you've overcome challenges or achieved success, you can inspire and educate your audience. You give your audience hope about what is possible for them.

Remember, as you share your story, you are setting yourself apart in the marketplace. Your story is unique to you; and by sharing it, you can differentiate yourself from others who may be offering similar products or services.

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