You are Kingdom-minded...

You are passionate and driven...

You've been relentless...

You've been committed to the vision... 

However, it's been overwhelming because you are unsure how to get to the next level.


You recognize that you have outgrown your current space.


You have built the foundation, but you are ready for your


A life of freedom is possible for you. Not just financial freedom, but freedom in every area of your life. It starts with knowing that your next is now. It starts with knowing you can leave those old thought patterns behind. It starts with creating systems that keep you in alignment with your assignment.

We know the struggle. That's why when people connect with us, we can take them to their ELEVATED SPACE! This is not something we heard about in a book. This is what we live every day. You can too!

Yes, I'm Ready to Elevate!

So how do you elevate to your next space?

You've been committed. You've been confident. You've been loyal. You've been pushing forward in your business. You've been in motion. You've been making some revenue.

However, you're in a place where you feel undecided. You are wondering, "What's next?". You know you are uncommon, but you are tired of throwing spaghetti at the wall. 

At times you feel alone, frustrated, and discouraged. At times you question if you should keep going.

The truth is that we were there too. We were exactly where you are right now. 

But through elevated spaces, we have created a community where you can be ESTABLISHED, EMPOWERED, AND EQUIPPED FOR MORE. 

Yes, I'm Ready to Elevate!

Are you ready to do something different so you can experience different results?


With a next level mindset coach and a productivity coach in your corner, you are destined to breakthrough the barrier that is keeping you stuck. 

It's time for a new perspective.



Premier coaching that will change the way you see and operate your business 

With Your Coaches


Coach April Nicole Scipio is The More Coach. As your Productivity Coach and Kingdom Chief Media Officer, she is here to help you master your time, leverage your media, and take massive action so you can produce MORE.

Coach Paul Ybarra is your Next-Level Mindset Coach. He is ready to activate Your Kingdom assignment and discover your purpose to do family, business and life God's way!

This is what you call a 


We have reset. We've been renewed and replenished. We've been prescribed a new set of lenses. We are able to see clearly and want to bring you along on this journey. We want you to be confident AGAIN, knowing that what you are doing is exactly the assignment - 


Yes, I'm Ready to Elevate!

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